Pro-spray sprinkler system

Lawn maintenance made easy

Trust Van Bros Irrigation for proper placement and custom designs.

Lawn and landscaping sprinklers

Precision makes for a perfectly sprinkled lawn

For perfect precipitation rates and precise timing right down to the minute, make the right choice in sprinkler system valves with products such as the Hunter PGV jar-top valves and Hunter MP Rotator and I-20 heads to receive benefits such as:

  • Easy maintenance access
  • Double pop top for external debris protection
  • Adjustment ring for precise directional aim
  • Removable inlet filters for quick cleaning
  • Reliable ratcheting springs
  • High and low angled nozzles
  • Comprehensive warranty

One size does not fit all…

Just as there is no one-size-fits-all landscaping solution, your yard deserves personalized care and a comprehensive sprinkler strategy that is developed for your particular lawn’s elevation, square footage, existing landscaping, and water hookup availability.

In addition to precise system valves and sprinkler heads, extra products like the Hunter Solar-Sync sensor and Mini-Click rain sensor makes the most of your sprinkler system by monitoring the current weather and cloud cover levels to automatically send a signal to the system control box that adjust watering patterns in order to maximize system resources and efficiency while still giving you the watering services your lawn deserves.

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